Tonga – Year of the Sheep – 3D Box – Mint


Tonga – Year of the Sheep – Mint

Three Dimensional Chinese Lantern



This is the first set of DIY 3D stamps in the world; issued by the Kingdom of Tonga Post, A well-known post office with a long history of issuing odd shaped and uniquely designed stamps for many decades.

The figure of the zodiac sheep on this issue breaks the conventional design of zodiac sheep images used on the previous stamps. The anthropomorphic approach has been applied to present a personified image of two cheeky, adorable and joyous zodiac sheep wearing the traditional Chinese costume. The sheep on the stamp holds the red Chinese knot with the large character ? on it?meaning: blessings, Pinyin:fu.?with one hand, and shows the gesture of victory with the other. As well as the lucky clouds on its forehead and sheep-head shape shoes on its feet, it is not only full of rich Chinese folk flavor but it also gives a relaxed and happy atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Other elements of the stamp sheet are not only full of colorful images showing the majestic scenery and style of the island country the “Kingdom of Tonga”, but also include natural creases in the sheet by applying a straight edge die-cut perforation on the box edges to facilitate a simple assembly. This unique design makes this souvenir sheet instantly turn into a 3D lantern just by simple folding. The bold breakthrough of this do it yourself 3D stamp sheet for the first time changes the manifestation of the issue from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space. Therefore, this could be considered to be the world’s first and most creative stamp issue that literally takes the design concept “out of the box” and offers a new way of displaying this magnificent issue.

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Fold along all dotted lines

Step 2: Slide the two tab on the right edge of the box into the slots on the left edge

Step 3: Slide on of the diamonds slit into the other diamonds to connect the top of the box (repeat same process for bottom of box)

Step 4: Fasten a string to the diamond tabs on top of the lantern to hang the beautifully display



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